Ministers in the Middle East

This dataset tracks every minister in Egypt, Iraq, and Jordan from the colonial period until 2017. I track each individual, their portfolio(s), and biographical details including their birthplace, education, socioeconomic class, and other salient social information like religion, ethnicity, and tribal affiliation. I use this dataset to track changes in these countries’ selectorates over time and to measure the inclusiveness of MENA ruling coalitions. This dataset is based on extensive archival research in the British Archives and the Jordan National Library, as well as political biographies, memoirs, and other primary sources.

The Middle East/North Africa Historical Data Archive (MENAHDA)

This project is a major data collection effort with Prof. Melani Cammett and Gabriel Koehler-Derrick (Harvard), with technical support from the Harvard Institute for Quantitative Social Science. The database and website will be a permanent digital repository for the tables of more than 1,000 statistical yearbooks from the MENA region, which were published by the Ottoman state, European colonial powers and post-independence governments in more than sixteen countries in the region. Datasets created from the information in these publications will provide longtitudinal national and sub-national data on a wide range of environmental, economic, demographic, and political statistics. When data collection is complete, the MENAHDA will become public resource for MENA historical, geographic, and social scientific scholarship.

Data Collection in Progress